Snow White – Show Roundup

Our pantomime is over,
This story of Snow White…

And before you know it, it really is over. In the way of all shows the run has gone by incredibly quickly but there are some things that make this panto very special:

  • It was my first performance in a pantomime.
  • It was the longest run I have ever done (12 shows). I would happily have done more.
  • I was less nervous than I have ever been about performing. Having only four lines meant I was almost completely free of stage fright. Singing and dancing is somehow different from acting (probably because it wasn’t solo).
  • I loved the non-performance parts of my role, both being a ‘cauldron wrangler’ (while simultaneously being a dancer) and managing the microphones backstage.

In short, I had fun and that makes all the effort worthwhile. That and the enthusiasm of our audiences of course. I think they had fun too and that really makes it worthwhile.


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