Tram, Train, Travel – Going Home

When it came time for us to leave Belgium the journey home was as much an adventure as the rest of the weekend had been.

A tram first of all to take us to Gent Sint Pieters station.

From Depart To Arrive Route
Korenmarkt 15:35 Sint-Pietersstation 15:45 1

Then a double decker train to Brussels. I’ve never been upstairs on a train before so this was very exciting (and gave me my favourite travel related photograph above).

Then finally the Eurostar back to St Pancras to be greeted by the newly unveiled (and dressed) statue.

Then…as if by magic…we followed the signs for Arrivals and found ourselves back in the concourse exactly where we had started from.


2 thoughts on “Tram, Train, Travel – Going Home

  1. I’m not sure I like what they’ve done with that statue. I have loved it since the moment I first set eyes on it. It’s so evocative of love, pain and parting and it seems to undermine everything I see in it to have painted them in matching livery. It’s not much of a parting if they work for the same place and probably see each other every day…

    • Apparently Eurostar were unveiling their new uniforms that day so the dressing up was a bit of a gimmick.
      Interestingly, perhaps because I see the statue as a meeting place, I’ve always seen their embrace as one for a traveller returning home, full of joy and promise.

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