It Runs In The Family – Show Roundup

Which one of you lot is going to tell me the end of this fairytale?

It Runs In The Family - Notice BoardIt Runs In The Family is a fantastic play. Incredibly well written, the script had us chuckling from the first read though. Add in the exuberant physical comedy of a farce and you have something truly wonderful.

The set was awesome. Solid enough for several cast members to climb on, over and through, and with the constant battering of a wheelchair and a hospital trolley we did more harm to the theatre (ssh!) than the set. It looked fantastic and gave us a real sense of place; plus the attention to detail was delightful. For instance, it was hard while on the phone not to be distracted by the fascinating contents of the noticeboard. Especially as some of those Christmas cards are actually addressed to me.

Although words had been a constant challenge to some of the cast throughout rehearsals, for the performances we all pulled together to keep the show flowing smoothly. The audience laughed and laughed and in some cases joined in with the joke (‘hello, hello…’).

Really, I cannot adequately express how much fun it was. With a friendly cast, a great crew and a fantastic director, it’s been an absolute joy from beginning to end.


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