Green Space Dark Skies

You may have gathered that I do enjoy a mass artwork project, so when I saw an opportunity to sign up to meet up in the countryside to make patterns with lights I couldn’t resist, especially as the nearest event was in the Chilterns, not very far away at all.

My experience of these events is that when you bring hundreds of people together with a common goal to make something beautiful the atmosphere is itself a beautiful thing and I was not disappointed. On a perfect summer’s afternoon we gathered, we sat and relaxed in the afternoon sunshine and gazed at the view. There was music and dancing and free tea and coffee.

We collected a glowing light each and a radio so we would be able to hear instructions as we made our patterns.

Then came the rehearsal, as in groups we learned what we would be doing. As we struggled to remember several different moves we hoped that the instructions later would be clear.

As dusk fell, we assembled. Hundreds of people, each clutching a glowing light, moving around each other, working together to make something beautiful. And we did.


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