About Me

I am a geeky girl. I write software and love technology. I want technology to meet my needs though, and don’t believe that something is good just because it is popular with others. I have been a mathematician since I was five and decided that was what I would do my degree in (I did) and a programmer since I was ten and we got our first computer (a BBC Model B) and I realised I could make it do what I wanted.

I have a strong creative streak and have been known to indulge in dance, acting, singing, drawing, photography and writing poetry possibly without a great deal of technical skill but always from the heart.

I have a love for beauty and symmetry. I love snowflakes and rainbows and I know how they are made.

I’m also becoming a bit of a transport geek and have a new found love for trams.

This blog is, like me, full of both my creative and my scientific enthusiasm.

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