Blithe Spirit – Show Roundup

In Makeup

It was my first (stage) acting for many years and my first play with the company so my first night nerves were unsurprising.

However I remembered my lines, got on and off at the right times and failed to break the cocktail glass or drop the pouffe off the front of the stage (or fall off myself).

Most of all I had a lot of fun. It was a five night run so I got to really enjoy myself and relax into what is, after all, a wonderful play.

The set and costumes were fantastic, the crew were brilliant and everything ran smoothly. The audiences were great and laughed enthusiastically, although the whole cast remains puzzled as to why the line “My husband has driven her into Folkestone” is apparently so funny.

On the last night the nerves resurfaced but they were unfounded and we closed on Saturday night on a high.

Simply put – I’ve missed this so much!

Stage Excitement

TicketsRehearsals for Blithe Spirit are in full swing and consequently I’m finding time to update this blog rather short. However today I came home to find that tickets had arrived for those friends and family who have been persuaded to come and watch me.

It all feels very official now and rather thrilling; in fact “I feel really quite excited”.

Learning My Lines

I’m very excited to have recently got a part in a play after many years away from the stage. This leaves me in the position of having lines to learn for the first time in a long while.

In discussion (in the pub, after rehearsal, where else?) I was interested to note that a couple of the other actors like to record an audio version of their lines which they then listen to – but that’s not my style. Instead I prefer to read my lines from the book, enabling me to build up a visualisation of the page and mentally ‘read’ them off in my head.

I think for me trying to learn them aurally would tend to make it harder for me to recognise the cue and harder for me to vary my delivery and I’m certainly not ready to set my performance in stone yet.

I think it’s interesting how different people learn in different ways though. How do you learn things best?