Mediaeval Baebes At Cropredy

Mediaeval Baebes This was the second time I had seen the Mediaeval Baebes this year. Both times were at festivals and in both cases I was there working. The first was merely a week before at the Loxwood Joust, however I had been too busy pulling a rubbish cart about (oh the glamour) to actually stop and enjoy the show. This weekend however I made a deliberate effort to get time off from my post sitting outside a portakabin (actually slightly more glamorous) to make it to the front of the field to listen to the music properly (always a treat) and to take a few photographs.

Alice Cooper At Cropredy


Cropredy festival is wonderful. Aside from the fun of hanging around in a field with twenty thousand of your closest friends (only a few of whom you may have actually met) there is also the fun of getting to see acts you would never have imagined watching.

Alice Cooper is certainly one of these. Before the festival I had no idea if I actually knew any Alice Cooper songs (it turns out I knew two, “School’s Out” and “Poison”) and wasn’t at all sure if I would enjoy his set in the slightest. Still I knew it would be showy and extravagant so I went to take a look.

It must simply be said that what we saw was a fantastic show. Part rock music, part pantomime, it had a sense of fun which entranced and involved a field full of die-hard ‘folkies’. Many a surprised Alice Cooper fan was made that night.