Photography – It’s More Fun In The Philippines

A week in the Philippines where everything is (according to the tourist board) more fun. Well it’s been too long since I had fun playing with my camera, so this was a great opportunity to enjoy myself.

Sleeping Beauty – Show Roundup

This year’s pantomime was a slightly unusual Victorian style affair. The songs were old music hall numbers, surprisingly tricky to learn and sing. The run started with a degree of apprehension, even the director seemed less than one hundred percent confident in it all after the last dress rehearsal.

Yet, somehow in front of an audience it all came together beautifully. Lines were remembered, cues delivered.  The village idiots built their part every night providing wonderfully light relief. The audience actually joined in with some of the songs. The special effects, especially the flying car drew applause and even more importantly proved that there is a good use for PowerPoint!

I found myself playing an interesting array of parts. In what might be considered typecasting I was once again a servant (this time male – yay for panto) who spent most of his time running away from the Dame. One hundred years in the future (you remember the plot of Sleeping Beauty I hope)  I was a futuristic senator with the ability to produce a surprising array of items from up my sleeves.

©Josh Parker

©Josh Parker

Best of all though, I was the head of a wonderfully impressive dragon although sadly I lost the fight with the Prince every night. How is that fair?

And so, with a happy ending every night, a happy cast and crew and an equally happy audience, we put on quite a show.

Header photo ©James McCann (@MovingScenes)

Ghent – The Belfort

While in Ghent we visited the Belfort, a large bell tower near to the cathedral. As well as housing some impressive bells it is topped with a gilded dragon and boasts some impressive views of Ghent.

The Belfort was built in 1313. In 1999, the Belfry was added to the list of UNESCO World Heritage Sites. The largest bell is the Roland’s bell which rings every hour. There is also a carillon played from a large metal drum.

Look at these pictures to learn a little more: