Budapest (With Tram)

I’ve been to Budapest many years ago (and believe me that really is another story) but in those days I knew not of trams and so we had used the metro to get around the city. This time however I wanted to ride on a tram. Time was short but I fitted one little journey in:


From Depart To Arrive Route
Kossuth Lajos tér 15:41 Vígadó tér 15:46 2

Here are a few of the pictures I took of this lovely city.

A Room With A View, or In Fact Seven Of Them

I find going on holiday very exciting and my most recent trip was no exception. We went to the airport and had all the fun of catching a flight. On our arrival in the evening there was a coach to take us to our destination. Then we settled into our room, unpacked everything and went to enjoy our first night’s dinner.  Since it was dark there wasn’t much to see out of the window in our room but the next morning there was a view…and the next…and the next; for this was a river boat cruising up (and then back down) the Danube. Taking us through locks (who knew the Danube had locks) and past beautiful scenery and to a variety of exciting places.

So here, as a tiny taster, are the views I woke up to each morning: