Things I Can’t Find

Once upon a time there was no internet. People looked up information in huge paper things called books (not sure what one is? Google it). Or they just lived not knowing the answers. Shopping was something you did by walking into shops and choosing from the items on the shelves and finding out what products were available relied on the knowledge of your friendly local shop assistant.

Now of course, we have the internet. I like the internet, I can find out almost anything almost instantly. I can choose from a variety of products and have them delivered to my door without me having to get cold, wet or sore feet from walking around town all day. It does however have its limitations.

So here are some things I have not been able to find:

  • A website which tells you which new phone is the best one to upgrade to based on your current phone (If I find one it will laugh at me and tell me to get two tin cans and some string, but that’s not the point).
  • A way of automatically marking up an e-book script for a part (if you use Apple though, ScenePartner looks amazing and does audio too).
  • A website which given a dish and a geographical area will find a restaurant that serves it.
  • A website which lists all the things that you can’t easily find on the internet (hang on…).

If you happen to know any answers, or even have things of your own you cannot find then do please comment and tell me.

Learning My Lines

I’m very excited to have recently got a part in a play after many years away from the stage. This leaves me in the position of having lines to learn for the first time in a long while.

In discussion (in the pub, after rehearsal, where else?) I was interested to note that a couple of the other actors like to record an audio version of their lines which they then listen to – but that’s not my style. Instead I prefer to read my lines from the book, enabling me to build up a visualisation of the page and mentally ‘read’ them off in my head.

I think for me trying to learn them aurally would tend to make it harder for me to recognise the cue and harder for me to vary my delivery and I’m certainly not ready to set my performance in stone yet.

I think it’s interesting how different people learn in different ways though. How do you learn things best?