How Do I Illustrate This Blog Post

A picture is (apparently) worth a thousand words and although I like words I also like to use pictures as well. In general the photos I use here are my own but what would I do if I wanted to illustrate a blog post with an image and I hadn’t a suitable photo to hand?

I could of course go on the internet and shamelessly rip off an image from some other website.
In recognition of the fact that this is so easy and so prevalent, Getty Images have released a huge catalogue of images to be used freely in blogs and social media via an ’embed tool’ that allows them to track the use of their pictures. Getty Images also reserve the right, in future, to add adverts to the viewer or simply remove the content. I’m not sure how popular this strategy will be but it’s certainly an interesting approach.

And in answer to my original question I used one of their images for this post. How do you think it looks?

It is as simple as going to the Getty Images  website, viewing the picture you want and clicking on the little </> icon and pasting the resulting html wherever you need it. It certainly seems to work seamlessly in WordPress (even converting into a neat shortcode) and I have no doubt Twitter and Tumblr will handle it equally well.

On the whole though, in general, I’ll keep taking my own photographs because, for me, that’s half the fun.

Learning How I Learn

So our pantomime has finished. I have already talked about how I learn my lines for a play but for the panto I had also to learn several songs and accompanying dances.

Of course learning a song largely involves listening but as I struggled to learn the lyrics (you try memorising “rama lama lama ka dinga da dinga dong”) I spent time poring over a lyric sheet, learning them as if they were lines.

When it came to the dancing I had more trouble. I watched out choreographer, copied her movements, practised what I could remember but still it struggled to stick. Beginning to fear I would never master the steps, I turned to online advice on how to learn and was reminded that there are three main learning preferences:

  1.  Visual
  2. Auditory
  3. Tactile (Kinesthetic)

I already know I’m a visual person. I am the reviewer of any document most likely to say “Can you add a diagram to that”. I learn lines from how they look on the page. Suddenly, I had a revelation. I sat down and wrote out the choreography (in note form at least) and laid it out alongside the lyrics I had already worked on. Now I had a way of identifying the gaps in my memory (which our choreographer could fill in for me), a way of learning and practising by myself and a crib sheet before the performance.

Quite honestly, I’m kicking myself I didn’t think of it sooner.
So the most important thing I learned from this was, no matter what you are learning you need to learn it in the way you learn best. Whatever that is. And for me writing this down is the best way for me to remember that lesson!