Munich – Neues Rathaus

Munich is a lovely city but the Neues Rathaus (or New Town Hall) is something special.

It is a beautiful building from the outside with a carillon with a set of figures that move and dance as the music plays and countless intricate carvings and decorations.

From the bottom there is a lift which takes you up to another lift in the tower which (for a small fee) you can ascend and enjoy views over the city.
Having done that we decided to take the stairs back down to the ground floor and discovered that the building was even more beautiful on the inside.

While taking photographs inside a mysterious woman beckoned me on, going ahead and turning to signal insistently that I should follow her. She led me to some chambers which were also incredibly beautiful but as she (literally) pointed out the ‘No photography’ sign to me you’ll just have to go and see them for yourselves.

The photographs here don’t cover a fraction of the beauty of this building, or even of the pictures I took. It really was truly amazing; if you’re ever in Munich I’d recommend that you visit it.



Munich – Trams

Where we went (Click for much bigger)

Where we went
(Click for much bigger)

Visiting Munich was of course yet another opportunity to play on some trams, so I took full advantage.


From Depart To Arrive Route
Deroystraße 12:56 Hauptbahnhof 13:02 17
Hauptbahnhof 13:05 Olympiapark West 13:17 21
Petuelring 15:27 Karlsplatz (Stachus) 15:50 27
Hauptbahnhof Nord 16:54 Hackerbrücke 17:01 17


From Depart To Arrive Route
Hackerbrücke 18:39 Eduard-Shmid-Straße 18:53 17
Deutches Museum 20:49 Hackerbrücke 21:11 16


From Depart To Arrive Route
Deutches Museum 17:02 Max-Weber-Platz 17:15 16
Max-Weber-Platz 17:15 Hauptbahnhof 17:29 19
Hauptbahnhof Nord 17:31 Hackerbrücke 17:36 16
Hackerbrücke 18:52 Wiener Platz 19:12 16
Rosenheimer Platz 21:46 Max-Weber-Platz
21:50 25
Max-Weber-Platz 22:04 Müllerstraße 22:15 16
Müllerstraße 22:22 Hackerbrücke 22:32 16


From Depart To Arrive Route
Hauptbahnhof 17:05 Hackerbrücke 17:10 17