Nursery Rhymes And Venn Diagrams

It started, as these things are wont to do, with a completely innocent conversation. It started with sonnets and somehow moved onto other poetry.
“All nursery rhymes are poems but not all poems are nursery rhymes” was the sentence that caught my attention as my imagination invariably started drawing a Venn diagram.  Next, my mind added “Sonnets” into the picture which left the obvious question. Was there anything in the intersection? Is NurseryRhymes \cap Sonnets = \emptyset ?

Poetry Venn Diagram

There are several ways to answer this question but my solution is to attempt to fill the intersection by writing the following:

Sonnet IV – Humpty’s Fall

When Humpty Dumpty seated was on high
Upon a wall of bricks so wide and tall,
So unexpected did things go awry
And Humpty thus did fall from off the wall.
Fair rapidly he tumbled to the ground
Impacting with a most almighty crash,
With tiny pieces scattered all around
The ground was littered when his shell did smash.
Now to his aid did men and horses run
Sent by the king to help this needy soul.
Alas, assistance could they give him none,
They couldst not succour him nor make him whole.
So endeth Humpty Dumpty’s tragic tale
Which have I here the honour to regale.


Possibly a little silly but it was fun to try and make it work. What do you think?