Getting Technical

I’m certainly having a lot of fun learning to sing but it’s fascinating because it isn’t just throwing your head back and singing. Instead it’s learning a set of technical skills. Those need to be practised deliberately; they require concentration. However I’m beginning to see how concentrating on breathing, or singing scales all go towards making the actual singing a song sound better.

Currently it feels a bit like learning to drive. I remember a point when I wondered how it could ever be possible because although I could steer round corners and I could change gear, I couldn’t possibly do both at the same time.
You’ll be relieved to know that that is no longer a problem I’m sure.

Singing is giving me the same sort of challenges. Find the note, sure. Control my breathing, OK. Both at once – you have got to be joking! On the other hand I already know I can learn to do seemingly impossible things it just takes me an awful lot of practice. So I guess I’ll go and practice some more then.