The Wizard

It’s National Poetry Day so I thought I should post a poem of my own.
This sonnet perhaps owes more to Lewis Carroll than to Shakespeare. It was written in honour of a spreadsheet wizard of my acquaintance. I hope it amuses, but there is no prize for solving my not very subtle riddle.

Sonnet VI – The Wizard

His fingers swiftly o’er the keyboard move,
To fill each cell with number, word or sign,
To calculate an answer and to prove
The hidden meaning stored in every line.
So often overlooked the tricks he plays
With formulae to make them do his will.
Takes data some have puzzled o’er for days
And then transforms it with unequalled skill.
A wizard he, in everyday disguise,
Behind the scenes serenely casts his spells.
He conjures images before your eyes,
There is no question now that he excels.
Now take J1, E4 and D10 too
And see this wizard thus revealed to you.